Coinjema: A small library that provides a powerful and container-less Dependency-Injection mechanism, via AspectJ and Groovy. If you are tired of reams of XML configuration files, managing complex factories and containers, this non-API solution may appeal to you.
Dec 04, 2006
Coinjema version 1.0 is Released.
Version 1.0 contains little that's new, but has been stable for nearly a year since the last release. Some minor bug fixes have been made for this production-ready release.
May 31, 2006
Coinjema version 0.6 is Released.
Version 0.6 contains several major enhancements and one major bug fix. Version 0.6 represents the first Beta release for Coinjema.
April 11, 2006
Coinjema version 0.5 is Released.
Version 0.5 contains multiple minor bug fixes as well as a few major changes/additions.
February 3, 2006
Coinjema version 0.4 is Released.
Version 0.4 represents very significant improvements over v0.3, including bug fixes, enhancements, and performance improvements. v0.4 is now being used in at least one production system.
December 16, 2005
Coinjema Goes Alpha With 0.3 Release.
Coinjema goes alpha with release 0.3. Coinjema is an aspect-oriented tool that provides your java objects, behind the scenes, with everything they need to do their thing. No more wiring services and components in XML. Yet Coinjema is powerful and flexible.
June 28, 2005
Coinjema version 0.2 is released.
June 18, 2005
Coinjema version 0.1 is released.
June 17, 2005
Coinjema Website is up and the first release of Coinjema will be available soon. The first release will only represent an experimental release for developers to try out and play with to see if they like the concept.